Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System 2.4

Create and manage basic databases for hospitals
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Organize the work of a hospital. Generate and update a database that contains valuable information about patients, departments, the staff, stores, medicine, and billing. Indicate ID numbers and enable the quick search of files and specific content batches.

Introducing NVISH HMS, a revolutionary concept in long term Healthcare Information Systems. Now with this you can manage the entire operations of your state of the art corporate Healthcare facility all with the help of web and Internet. NVISH HMS is one of the first enterprise-wide products of its kind to offer organizations a completely flexible, affordable IT solution to fit their specific day to day business needs. NVISH HMS delivers a customizable blend of clinical, financial and enterprise application with the wide range of IT services without doing traditional up front huge software investment. It is designed specifically to help solve the problems impacting the long care of a patient. NVISH HMS makes it easy to ensure accurate documentation and clear communication across your entire care gamut. This means, by using NVISH HMS you can truly improve the quality of care, reduce litigation risk, maximize operating margins, increase retention and productivity and good control of the management on the entire operations with the help of MIS and reports. Development is an ongoing process at NVISH. Experts are putting in their efforts to provide better communication e.g. resident messaging and alerts, staff email. By this the information is entered at once and shared through out the system. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) will be also integrated in the current system. The medical images are stored in an independent format. It expands on the possibilities of such conventional systems by providing capabilities of off-site viewing and reporting (telemedicine).We would like to say that combining our ability to provide enterprise level solution utilizing managed applications, managed infrastructure and business intelligence tools the overall cost of IT investment is lowered while IT efficiency is increased. It is a total solution fulfilling all your enterprise level needs delivered through web for a long term relationship by NVISH Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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